Information for applicants of geomatics study


Study programmes

We offer study programs at all levels of university education in presental and combined (distance) study form.

Bachelor study programme Geomatics

  • basic information about the study program
    • is a member of branches geomatics and geoinformatics,
    • you will get theoretical basic knowledge for study the up taking magisterial study, as well information important for assertion in praxis of GIS, surveying and cadastre of real estates,
    • but we do not sit only classrooms, there are waiting practical measurements exercises and one week terrain praxis in the area of the Nečtiny castle :)
  • more detailed description of the study program is at web-pages of the faculty

Master of Science study programme Geomatics

  • you will get deeper knowledge of surveying, GIS, database systems, computer graphics and data visualization, as well from cartography, application of geometry and geometrical modeling,
  • is up to you, to choose the right specialization
    • Geodesy and GIS (modern possibilities of data collecting and processing in GIS),
    • Cartography (technology of map creating),
    • Cadastre of real estates and civil law (field of law aspects of cadastre of real estates)
  • and there is also a possibility of distant form of study in specialization Geodesy and cadastre of real estates (technical aspects, methods of data collecting, data processing and aktualization).
  • with the Ing. (MSc.) title you have to possibility to get authoritative competence for discharge and verification of survey results according to § 13 par. 1 letter a) b) and c) law nr. 200/1994 Sb.

Doctoral study programme (PhD)

Forms and goals of the study

Form: presental and distant, parallel study programme in English.


  • Theoretical and computational surveying.
  • Methods of spatial data collecting.
  • Geoinforamation technologies.
  • Methods of applied geomatics.

Standard duration of study: 3 years.

Goal: To prepare self-dependent creative workers for the field of geomatics with deep connection to other fields of science (mathematics, informatics, cybernetics) and their applications. Doctoral study program is being realized with cooperation with Research institute of geodesy, topography and cartography (VUGTK) in Zdiby.

See available Ph.D. thesis.

Profile and practice of the graduate

The graduate, according to the personality of his tutor, is specialized into field of mathematical and physical surveying, basements of surveying and GPS, geodynamics and gravimetry, geomatics and geoinformatics, spatial data and data modeling, visualization in cartography and geoinformatics focused on Internet applications. Important is the connection with disciplines of mathematical statistics, numerical modeling in geomatics, numerical methods, graph theory, theoretical informatics and theory of perplexity, application of geometry and computer geometry in geomatics. The practice of doctoral study graduates is possible in many fields in state or private area. Primarily in the department of Czech office for surveying, mapping and cadastre, in other important fields of public administration, in development and research working compartments including academic working compartments. And everywhere where are geographical information systems being used or developed – public administration, transport, defense, environment, tourist trade. Interest in graduates is declared from companies solving underlying innovations of computer program equipment for the field of data collection, processing, interpretation and distribution of geodata in their spatial form.

The process of study

Conditions of admittance

Topics of doctoral thesis are approved every year by the scientific council of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV). FAV has the same entrance conditions for students of doctoral study programs. Within the frame of entrance interview for doctoral study programs the commission set by the faculty dean look on: quality of study result during magisterial study, range of publications, mobility, participation on projects, practice.

Characterization of the study and subjects

The study is based on individual plan with the lead of the tutor. The study process is every year reviewed by geomatic academic board. PhD program is finished by doctoral state exam and advocacy of doctoral thesis.


Do you need more information about studying Geomatics? Please contact International Office of the University of West Bohemia.

Working possibilities for graduates

Our graduates get working possibilities in different branches and companies. Here we present some of the organizations and companies, where are our graduates employed:

Some of our graduates continue to study the doctoral study programs at the Department of matematics, or on other universities. Fx. ČVUT, or Vysoká škola báňská, Technical university of Ostrava.

Technological background

Technological background is described on separate page (czech only).

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